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Who Just Spent All That Time On Your Car Dealer Website?

Two thousand people hit your website this month. You’ll get leads from 40 of them. Sixty, if you’re lucky. Where the hell are the other 1,940? WHO are they?

Of all the things that can drive you crazy in the digital age, anonymous website traffic is – or should be – at the very top. You pay a lot for that traffic – cpc, email, social media, retargeting, SEM, SEO – and the host of other methods you use to drive people to your website.

And, then, they’re gone like the wind. You don’t know who they are, where they came from and where they’re going.

Nationally, fewer than 4 percent of dealership websites visitors drop a lead such as completing a lead form, engaging in chat or text messaging. That’s pitiful, but consumers have developed a distaste for sending personal information over the web. They don’t like forms because they make the visitor feel exposed and vulnerable; they don’t like chat or text because they fear sales pressure.

For this and other reasons, your expensive website investment has you at the disadvantage. It’s your website, and yet, you have to wait on your visitors to tell you who they are.

Until now.

Automotive Marketing Data’s Technology Breakthrough

Now you can identify those visitors with complete contact details, all verified by a waterfall of online and offline data. A sophisticated, proprietary and inexpensive pixel called Smart Site™ on your website is all it takes, and you’ll receive daily feeds on up to 40 percent of your website traffic.

Verified, current, complete details that include: First Name, Last Name, Postal Address, Email Address, VIN Data (VIN, Year, Make, Model), Implied Credit Score, and a host of demographic data. (You’ll see more of these later in this article).

More Data = More Sales

Here’s how to convert that new windfall of identified visitors to sales:

    • Smart Site™ identifies 40 percent of your website traffic.
    • If your site attracts a modest 1,500 visitors per month, Smart Site™ will deliver 600 i.d.’s per month.
    • Follow up those people within 24 hours with a personalize direct mail offer tailored to the vehicle they own and the vehicle they were looking at on your website.
    • Continue following up with new and used car email offers.
    • Use the data to market to them through social media as well.
    • Depending on where they are in their buying cycle, you should deliver between 6 and 10 vehicles – in the first month.
  • But Wait! There’s More!
  • Since the pixel is adding new visitors every month, in Month Two, your list will have grown to 1,200, then 1,800 by Month Three, and so on. As the list grows, no matter where your visitors were in their buying journey when they visited, you’re going to be right there with them until they buy.
  • Over time, with no increase in investment, you should be delivering between 15 and 30 units per month from Smart Site’s data.

Well, you might say, this all looks good but I don’t have the tools or an agency that can follow up like you describe here. I can’t get mail out in 24 hours, and my agency doesn’t do email or social media.

No problem, Smart Site™ can do all that for you. Smart Site™ does mail a personalized offer to each identified visitor within 24 hours, and does add visitors to ongoing email campaigns, and will include social media advertising, too, if you want.

Or – if you are set up to do all these things, Smart Site™ can just provide the Automotive Marketing Data to you each day as a spreadsheet, or directly into your CRM if you want.

Real vs. Imagined Identifications

As digital data technology advances, many developers launch products to achieve certain data goals. Like everywhere else, this is true for identifying website visitors.

Some developers have launched products that perform so-called “IP matches” while others have launched products based on placing cookies on the visitor’s browser. Both methods are faulty and, at the end of the day, misleading and a waste of money.

  • IP matches identify the location of the computer that your website visitor was using. Using that information, the so-called identifying software will match that location with a name, then add other data to it. This leads to an unacceptable level of false i.d.’s of other people in the household, or worse, employees at the business if that’s where the visit originated from.
  • Cookies are, simply, an outdated technology that, once again, tracks browsers and not people, and that Google, Apple and other data leaders are turning away from. For a host of other reasons, such as the movement from desktops to mobile devices, cookies are being phased out across the internet. Cookies also have a limited lifespan, and even if they’re set to live a long time, often are simply dumped when a user empties his cache.
  • There are more reasons why IP matching and cookies are unreliable and deliver bad data, but you get the picture.

Smart Site™ is a proprietary, patent pending technology and completely unique in the way it compiles and verifies data on website visitors. Smart Site™ also tests its matches against 12 proprietary online and offline data points before they pass.

The Privacy Question

Just about all of Smart Site’s users asked the same question before subscribing to the service: What about compliance? Here’s the answer: Smart Site™ is fully compliant on the basis of 4 pillars.  

  1. Smart Site’s privacy language must be placed on the dealership’s website. The language clearly indicates that the consumer’s activity on the site is being monitored.
  2. That same privacy language clearly states that any consumer who wishes to can opt-out of the monitoring and provides a link to the opt-out site.
  3. Smart Site™ doesn’t pass phone numbers. Smart Site’s information is only used to communicate with identified consumers by direct mail, email, digital, or social media marketing channels.
  4. Smart Site™ uses a compliant, consumer data company to insure precise matching of website traffic to consumer information and to maintain the pedigree of that opt-in for data usage specifically permitted in this manner.

Smart Site’s technology passed stringent compliance review by Ferrari, and is currently being used on that OEM’s sites both in the U.S. and internationally.

Additionally, Smart Site™ is compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that allows people to better control their personal data, protects privacy and includes popular withdrawal of consent and “right to be forgotten” clauses.

Unmask Your Anonymous Website Visitors

Technology keeps advancing, and being at the head of that charge will keep you ahead of your competition.

As promised, here’s a short list of the additional data you receive with Smart Siteœ™ website visitor matches:

Age • Income • Marital Status • Gender • Presence of children • Homeowner/Renter • Buying Habits • Lifestyle Preferences • Website they came to you from • Website page they entered / Pages viewed / Page left, and 400+ more overlays

To learn more about Smart Site™ contact ePUSH …. 

Sean Marra
Sean Marra
CEO of ePush! With over 20 years of experience in automotive, Sean’s fearless approach and instincts put him at the forefront of the industry when it comes to Digital Marketing.

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