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The marketing gold people leave behind

It’s a common occurrence - That nervous feeling that comes with paying high marketing costs to bring people to your site for the slight possibility of turning them into customers.

There is a cure. Gain campaign strategy assurance with Google’s Audience reporting.

Your visitors may not know it, but their online behaviors are telling you what it takes to get their attention and move them further along the buying process. You just have to know where to look and where to apply the insights into your marketing.

Google Analytics can track and catalogue visitors’ interactions across the web based on viewing habits and trends. For example, using cookies and assigned client-ids allows Google to identify if visitors are in-market for ‘Auto & Vehicle’ based on their search activity and websites visits in that segment over time. These tools can even narrow down the interest to SUVs and tell you which of those people also yearn for a beach vacation!


You can ditch the hefty price tags for most marketing surveys and leverage these behavior clues inside your Google Analytics Audience reporting to determine your optimal target audience based on their online interests.

Of course there are several Audience reports to overlay as well, such as demographics, geo, lifetime value, and tech. Keep in mind, though, that the  interest insights within Audience reporting are Affinity and In-Market Categories.

If you’ve ever picked an audience for a TV commercial, then you're probably aware of how audience segmenting by affinities can be used effectively.  

Google Audience.png
Google formally classifies Affinity Categories as being “used to reach potential customers” and make people aware of your brand. The key word here is reach, as it expresses these are people near the awareness stage of their buying journey.

Your best move here is to reach out to these prospects with broad, helpful marketing pieces that will build their trust in you. The idea is to make sure they remember your dealership as they approach their decision stage.

Try sending gentle influences by creating relevant Facebook ads or refining email and direct mail lists and content that aim to answer the questions:

• Which car is best for me?
• Is it right for me?

The “In-market Categories” determine if people from your site are actually in the market to buy, or just browsing. These are people approaching the tail end of their buying journey who probably have narrowed down their top picks of cars.

These prospects should be marketed to with incentives like  highly targeted, personalized VIP test-drives, or content that answers:

• Where should I buy it?
• Am I getting a deal?

Refine your list targeting even further with In-market Categories. Just make sure your incentives, content and creative approaches match the audience you are targeting.

Now imagine if you knew the following info about 45% of your web visitors:

Age: 18-24
Gender: Female
Affinity Category (reach): Travel/Travel Buffs/Beach-bound Travelers
In-Market Category: Auto & Vehicle / Motor Vehicles by Type / SUVs
City: Atlanta

You would more than likely feel comfortable launching a hyper-targeted ad for SUVs reaching young females in the Atlanta area, with a beach vacation incentive and creative theme to quickly convert sales, right?

The bottom line is to increase engagements and attention by tailoring your ads to emphasize those things that interest and excite your visitors.

Think of the marketing gold mine people are leaving behind for you! Aren’t you curious what your Google Analytics has to say about your audience’s interests right now?

To access these reports:
1. Navigate to Google Analytics

2. Click the “Audience” tab on the left hand bin

3. Expand “Affinity” or ‘In-market” Categories


Gain the confidence you’ve been searching for and extend the reach and impact of your marketing dollars by implementing in-market and affinity audiences  - and sell more cars!

Need help finding these insights and more? Grab a Free 5, 10 or 15 minutes on our calendar.  Everyone on our entire team is Google Analytics certified and ready to help.

We're not "salesy." We just love this stuff!

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