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Reasons to Invest in an Automotive Digital Marketing Campaign

Retail automotive marketing isn't a game for amateurs. So many market forces play on new and used car sales that it takes seasoned professionals to know what, when and how to advertise. Simply getting a handle on market demographics, geographics and economic conditions can be baffling. Add to that the dealership's product mix and manufacturer incentives and promotions, plus media planning and execution, and it's clear why the best dealerships rely on tested and proven professionals to handle their marketing messages. Now, as digital marketing surpasses traditional print and broadcast as the most influential advertising medium, it's critical that you learn the basics, and trust your digital campaigns to the pros to make the most of your business.

Here are some basics to get your started:

Digital Can Be Tracked Conveniently

Multi-Channel marketing with digital offers a comprehensive way to track and analyze ROI. Using PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Retargeting (just a few of the digital tools available), dealerships are able to track important campaign Key Performance Indicators such as conversions, clicks, opens, bounce rates, demographics, and traffic sources from a single dashboard. Having all the statistics in one comprehensive report allows for better decision making to select the strategies that deliver the best ROI.

On the flip side, analytics help you to quickly spot the digital channels that are not delivering, and cut them out of the next phase of your campaign. Digital professionals employ these analytics tools and Key Performance Indicators to precisely target every aspect of your campaigns.

Increase Sales Through Content
Have you ever heard that an auto dealer or automotive business sold a car after publishing a single blog post? The truth, is people who read blogs are looking for specific, targeted information about an issue or feature. When your campaign highlights products or vehicles that promise to solve their problems or bridge the gap between their problem and the solution, people will naturally be more apt to come to you for that solution. This is why a strong, well-thought-out content strategy has to be an integral part of your automotive digital marketing campaigns. Your digital professional will show you how to present  your products and services as solutions (rather than simply features) to significantly increase conversions and sales,  build your loyal customer base, and increase referrals.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution
You're probably familiar with the multitude of marketing and promotional channels that can devour large chunks of your advertising budget. Conventional marketing such as print, radio and TV is shrinking  in relations to  the more popular digital media simply because digital  gives you more value for your marketing/advertising/promotional dollars. The math is indisputable.

The number of people reading newspapers and magazines is falling off the cliff, while the same people who used to read the paper will happily come to your landing pages or become engaged in a conversation on your social media channel.  Simply work with your digital professionals to identify the area of your products or services that will sell more to online audiences and work on those to deliver maximum return.

Be Professional
We've just scratched the surface of the benefits and tools associated with digital marketing. The Internet is the gorilla medium of the 21st Century, outpacing and outperforming all other media. It will only grow stronger by the day, the week, the month, the year. New digital marketing tools are being developed and launched every day. It takes dedicated, smart, and connected professionals to manage this powerhouse.

Look for the best professionals -- the pros with proven track records, strong referrals, knowledge and ownership of the tools, the data and the technology to give you maximum return on your investment. Look for guarantees and objective reporting systems. Once again, the math is simple:

Knowledge + Experience + Referrals + Tools + Data + Technology + Confirmation = Results You 

Sean Marra
Sean Marra
CEO of ePush! With over 20 years of experience in automotive, Sean’s fearless approach and instincts put him at the forefront of the industry when it comes to Digital Marketing.

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