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Today's youth are just weak... Not! So what is a Millennial?

In response to a letter to the editor in the Tampa Bay Times that labeled today’s youth as brainwashed and weak, Eric Gerard, our VP of Operations, took the time to describe what it's like to work with a team of outstanding millennials here at ePush! Eric’s letter to the editor appeared in Saturday’s paper. Here is what he wrote:

Bright, Engaged Achievers 

One is forced to wonder what compels us to disparage our own children. The letter writer's diatribe left me slack-jawed and certain that she has never met any of the outstanding millennials whom I have the privilege of supervising every day.

Let me tell you about these young people who range from 25 to 35 years old. They are bright, engaged, professional, courteous and most importantly, enthusiastic about their lives and the futures they are building. The arrive at work on time, mix and mingle and joke with their peers for 10 minutes, and then settle into a full day of complex campaign management that requires masterful attention to hundreds of vital details under constant deadline pressure. They reach out to inform, manage and cajole clients who are often difficult and distracted, and they do it with grace and maturity.

They are parents who, to be trite, juggle professional and home life without complaint. It's their responsibility; they accept it, and they amaze me with their resilience, not to mention the love they show their children. When my team members bring their kids to the office, as they sometimes must do to finish their work, the whole place lights up.

They are lifetime learners. They know that in today's world nothing is deader than yesterday's knowledge, and so on their own time, away from the office, they study and earn outside certifications to stay ahead of the curve. They are artists, account service representatives, project managers, data specialists. They are community. They support one another, not because they're told to, but because they care about their peers, their clients, their employer.

They work under crushing college debt — debt that my generation created. The bulk of their incomes go toward housing that's become so expensive, it's a wonder they can keep a roof over their head. Yet, here they are, every morning, laughing, smiling, chatting over coffee — and then it's down to work, and the whole place settles into a quiet, comforting aura of concentration. You should see it. It's wondrous.

So, to the author of this letter, I invite you to meet some of the toughest, most amazing people I know. My team. They give me great faith in our future.

Eric Gerard, Largo
The writer is vice president of operations at ePush! LLC, a national behavioral marketing company based in St. Petersburg.

Here is the letter that caused our brilliant VP to stand up for millennials and set the record straight:

Today's youth are just weak

The No. 1 reason for millennials moving back home is the "new culture" of our society for the past eight years: universities and professors and the "New Democrats" teaching them intolerance, hatred, close-mindedness, always placing blame, never accepting responsibility, using violence if they don't get their way, rudeness, and never studying or attending class because they are too busy protesting. And the biggest factor of all: needing their "safe space" when the going gets tough, or their teddy bears or hot chocolate. That's the problem with these brainwashed young "adults." No one who runs a prestigious firm is going to accept anyone from especially prestigious universities, as now it is well known what these once glorious/expensive/renowned institutions have become: toxic, graduating the above-mentioned young adults.

Whereas in the not so distant past the intent of college was to prepare and educate young people to tackle the world by the horns, to let loose graduates walking out their doors who are educated, intelligent, well-rounded, knowledgeable grown adults whom prestigious firms would pay top dollar for and compete with each other to grab these young graduates to work in their firm. They even used to have headhunters go to these great institutions looking for these people, giving them jobs before they even graduated. But those days are sadly gone, and there's no one to blame but the people who run these institutions. That's the reason millennials are moving home. 

Lisa M. Fackender, Spring Hill

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Eric Gerard
Eric Gerard
Eric has created and managed automotive marketing campaigns for over three decades. A writer at heart, he still approaches his work with the same love and passion as 30 years ago. As the VP of Operations at ePush!, Gerard has been instrumental in the development of new products and processes that help the company deliver top-tier service and results for its clients. When he is not on the phone or in a meeting, you can find Gerard working in his office while Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam or the Killers are rocking in the background.

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