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The importance of up to date data in your CRM

Ask a customer management professional to name the Number One killer of effective CRM systems, and you will universally hear: “Bad Data Management.” It's nothing new: Garbage In, Garbage Out is so trite because it's so true, and so prevalent. That is why you must realize the importance of up to date data in your CRM.

Among the worst offenders are retail automotive dealerships, where, every day, sales and management alike enter data that is inconsistent and incorrect.

But it's that very CRM that's so critical to capturing, retaining and cross-selling new customers. Without consistent, up-to-date data, any CRM becomes more of an impediment to sales and customer retention, than the outstanding and valuable tool it is supposed to be. CRM data has to be clean and trustworthy before anyone will - or even can - give it the chance it deserves.

With up-to-date CRM data, an auto dealership can target its best prospects with offers specifically designed to their needs and wants. On the flip side, clean CRM data informs the dealer whom to avoid as a potential compliance or credit risk.

Importance of an Up-To-Date CRM System

Three Excellent Reasons for Auto Dealerships to Keep Their CRM Current and Clean:

Bad Data leads to wasted marketing dollars because of duplicate or conflicting records.
Clean data gives you more avenues to reach your prospects than ever before. It's not just direct mail and telephone; it's email, social media, blogs, retargeting, and more.
Even though hygiening your data is an an investment, appending postal addresses to new updated email addresses will allow you to market to your prospects more efficiently and to sell units to prospects you once thought were lost/dead/unsold or otherwise inactive. (Another 10-to-15 units every month adds up!)
With the help of online marketing, cloud computing and on-demand data methodologies, compiling, integrating and updating real-time data has become easier than ever.

Applications you may already be using can successfully bring together important information in your CRM, synchronize it with external information, and link it to a source that will keep it fresh over the long run.

Updating email addresses, re-opting in opt-outs, and updating and appending postal data and phone numbers are tasks best suited to reliable, respected data compilers.

No successful business puts up with outdated, bad or inconsistent data about its customers. Bad data means you can't plan successful advertising campaigns, can't stay in touch with loyal customers, can't bring prospects back into your showroom, can't build a profile of your ideal prospects. Worse yet, in today's digital world, bad data can run you afoul of privacy and anti-spam laws, and that gets expensive!

Goals of an Up-To-Date CRM

Upstream Cleansing: Automate your CRM to identify unique prospects and cut irrelevant contacts at the point of creation.

A Heart-To-Heart Sales Relationship: Evaluation and compensation becomes simple as clients are distinctively associated with the corresponding sales reps. Increase Deliveries, Opens and Click Throughs: Using the best high quality automation processes, an auto dealership’s data can be enhanced and updated regularly so that its direct mail and email deployments reach the highest possible number of prospects.

Reach People You Thought You Lost: Regularly hygiening CRM data allows you to take your dead, lost, unsold, and otherwise inactive opportunities, reanimate these prospects, and convert them to sales. In today's digital world, hygiening and updating your CRM is one of the most important marketing moves you can make.

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Turn Your Dirty Data Into A Competitive Weapon

Eric Thornsbrough
Eric Thornsbrough
As the Marketing Director for ePush! Eric Thornsbrough oversees business developement, strategic marketing and consults with dealer agencies who want to leverage complex data and new technologies.

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