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Ideas For Your Morning Sales Meeting

 A successful sales machine runs on solid, high quality promotions that work together to achieve ambitious goals. Smart teams seek out the best promotions, and brainstorm their processes to maximize results.

Hit and miss doesn't work in today's economy. One mistake can ruin a month, a quarter - or worse. Success comes when everyone understands the plan and engage like a top-performing machine.As the old saying goes, "two heads are better than one" and when you gather ideas and feed back from all the members of your  team, it enables you to make better informed decisions about how you will promote your dealership.

Check out this brief video about the proven strategy that sold over 10,000 units for our client's in 2013 and show it to your team.

Asking for input from your team encourages them to take ownership of the promotion, buy-in to the process, and put their best effort into the results.

Invite your team to watch this video with you. Then, ask them how they'd make the most of this outstanding opportunity.

Watch the video>>




Eric Gerard
Eric Gerard
Eric has created and managed automotive marketing campaigns for over three decades. A writer at heart, he still approaches his work with the same love and passion as 30 years ago. As the VP of Operations at ePush!, Gerard has been instrumental in the development of new products and processes that help the company deliver top-tier service and results for its clients. When he is not on the phone or in a meeting, you can find Gerard working in his office while Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam or the Killers are rocking in the background.

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