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Is Direct Mail Dead?

We are in the digital age. You’re nobody unless you have a website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, and keep on top of all the new social startups (Snapchat, anyone?). These advertising avenues, for the most part, are free. The only resource you sink into it is time. Maybe you’re even ahead of the game and have some marketing automation set up. You’re generating some leads within these online channels, and you know that just being out there is developing your brand awareness.

So why should you spend crucial marketing dollars on direct mail? After all, the price of a First Class stamp is now at an astronomical $0.49. Paper is dead and the post office is going bankrupt. Furthermore, mobile devices have brought a consumer base online 24/7. So is there any reason to run a traditional paper mailing?

According the the 2015 DMA Response report, direct mail response rates are substantially larger than digital media channels. Direct mail can have as much as a 3.7% response with an in house lead list and 1% with a prospect list.* From our experience, a targeted list can achieve response rates of 2-3%. Digital channels? A combined 0.62% response rate. That’s combined – so if you don’t post to Facebook or Craigslist, that low response rate will drop significantly lower!

Furthermore, consumers have an expectation of receiving offers in their mailboxes and are looking for them! 85% of consumers read selected mail pieces each day, 75% of consumers are examining mail more closely and 40% have tried a new business after receiving direct mail! So even though consumers are on multiple online devices throughout the day, they are not disregarding the traditional snail-mail box.

Direct mail is far from dead. It’s alive and crucial to your marketing mix. Here are the benefits of doing a direct mail advertising campaign:

You control it. From the target market to the format and everything in between. You’ll know who is receiving and what message they are getting. And with our add on technology - you’ll be able to gauge just how well your message is being received. Which leads us to the next benefit...
It’s accountable. You’ll be able to calculate your ROI in real dollars. You’ll see the traffic increase in-store as respondents show up holding the direct mail piece in their hand.

It does everything else other forms of advertising do. Generating awareness and lending credibility to your brand. Connecting customers to you.

If you are not currently running direct mail advertising, you are missing an opportunity. If your competitors are doing it and you are worried you’ll be lost in the mail-box shuffle, doing a unique format option may be the ticket to standing out in the crowd. If your competitors aren’t doing direct mail advertising, that is all the more reason for you to do it, as your target market will be reached via a channel they never have been before.

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Eric Thornsbrough
Eric Thornsbrough
As the Marketing Director for ePush! Eric Thornsbrough oversees business developement, strategic marketing and consults with dealer agencies who want to leverage complex data and new technologies.

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