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Choosing an Automotive Advertising Agency For Your Digital Needs

Digital advertising is clearly one of the main methods by which automotive dealerships are generating sales these days, and according to Statista, digitally-driven advertising is expected to nearly double its revenue between 2015 and 2021 in the automotive sector.

While most final sales may still be in person, the vast majority of customers start with online research; at least 88% of shoppers are starting with online research and shopping for cars, according to Autotrader. and that is where an automotive advertising agency can help your business shine. 

That being said, there are traditional advertising methods and more cutting-edge ways of advertising, specifically those that make use of the availability of data and of marketing automation. The signs are pointing toward these being the methods that are truly moving the needle in automotive sales. For instance, the American Marketing Association has started to notice that data-driven advertising allows dealerships to know exactly which parts of their advertising are achieving results, rather than simply trying many methods and being satisfied with getting some kind of results. Dealerships are now saving money by isolating effective methods and no longer investing in marketing that generates no measurable results. 

The right-fit advertising agency will offer all the latest and most effective strategies, using the top marketing automation available, while also offering the ability to scale pricing based on what will work best for your business. They should:

Have the ability to hygiene data: Data is useless if you don't have professionals who are capable of working with it. The right-fit advertising agency will have proficiency with understanding, mining, marketing, and managing data, making data work for you from the beginning of the process until your qualified leads are in for the sales team. Maintaining data hygiene is also essential, as a quality understanding of market behavior will allow your agency to find any outlier information and make sure you spend time working with effective and quality leads.

Target in-market shoppers: People who watch television and hear radio advertising may learn about your brand but are unlikely to be in the process of shopping for a car right at the moment that they hear your ad. The availability of Big Data means that a great marketing agency will be helping you find long-lasting qualified leads in your area using their online behavior and cues that they are ready to buy, which is simply impossible with traditional media advertising. Email communications, in particular, generate 24% more qualified leads due to the ability to segment the potential leads and find only the in-market shoppers who are ready to learn more about a particular vehicle or dealership.

Supply custom KPI reports and sales matches: The modern ad agency keeps great statistics for your sales team as well, so the Key Performance Indicators can be shared easily with management to optimize your valuable employees. With changes in the industry causing contributors to sites like Forbes to question what the role of dealerships will be in the future, it becomes clear that leveraging data for marketing and KPIs for keeping a sales team lean and effective. If a campaign is flourishing, you'll know in real time what is working well, while the digitally-driven advertising agency can also help you trim aspects of campaigns that aren't effectively converting into revenue and replace them with more of the most effective strategies.

Use a multi-channel approach: The tools of television, radio, and print advertising don't reach the precision that is needed in the digital era. Because of this, digital advertising agencies create multi-channel options using email marketing, SEO content marketing, GEO Fencing, PPC, Tracking Search and Online Behavior, with incorporated AI learning and geo targeting to make sure you reach the nearest customers who are most poised to purchase. These strategies still provide the diversity of approach that helps you reach a breadth of customer bases, but by using data on online behavior and search histories, the outgoing advertisements will reach potential leads faster and through a variety of their online interactions.

The reality is that many successful dealerships have been looking for a solution that lets them do their work while an automotive advertising agency keeps qualified leads coming in. However, that agency cannot be stuck in past ways of marketing, since business-as-usual advertising has been reduced in many industries of late, according to Forbes.

Instead, custom turnkey solutions are the way to make your dealerships' unique needs part of the advertising process, saving money by replacing ineffective strategies and reducing the time that management has to spend figuring out new systems during the implementation phases. Every dollar spent on data-driven advertising goes farther for your dealership, and if any strategy falls below your threshold for effectiveness, quick and clear pivots are available. 

For more information on how ePush! can provide the key components of an effective automotive advertising agency, contact us.

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Sean Marra
Sean Marra
CEO of ePush! With over 20 years of experience in automotive, Sean’s fearless approach and instincts put him at the forefront of the industry when it comes to Digital Marketing.

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