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5 Reasons why hiring millenials is good

There is a reason why Millennials (aka Generation Y) people born from 1980-2000, have acquired a set of distinctive characteristics and it’s not just being whiny or feeling entitled, but as anyone works with them knows, Millennials come with a set of new skills that are integral to a successful workforce, including the retail automotive space and this is why you should consider hiring millenials for your store.

Smart, forward-thinking auto dealerships seek out Millennial employees.  Since Millennials represent 25% of the U.S. population and according to Barkley research have $200 billion in annual buying power, this generation makes up an important percentage of the auto consumer market. Millennials relate to one another, speak one another’s language, and understand their generation’s desires and interests. Moreover, Millennials are uniquely skilled and comfortable in the digital space, and bring unique mastery to online marketing efforts.

Here are 5 benefits of hiring Millennials for your auto dealership:

1. They Are Tech-Savvy & Hyper-Connected
Owing to the increasing number of consumers who are more attracted to online methods of advertising to finalize car purchases, there is a need for the automotive industry to hire people who know what their consumers prefer and how they would react to different digital marketing approaches. Millennials love the internet and everything related to it including computers, smartphones, tablets and now, watches. 80% of Millennials sent a text in the past 24 hours and 83% sleep with their mobile device. That’s why when hiring Millennials you will cut considerable costs on training that would be needed to train baby boomers to sell to today’s techy consumers.

2. They Are Collaborative
The Millennial Generation Research Review by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reveals that even though Generation Y believes more in individuality and self-expression, they are also good at establishing a collaborative work environment. This is why making Millennials a part of your team can add a fresh aspect. As long as Millennials are welcome to offer their insight by the management and their best ideas are implemented into your business strategy, they will keep on enthusiastically contributing their best efforts to achieve your business goal. That’s the kind of environment they find best to work in.

3. They Use Referrals Regarding Purchase Decisions
Along with the use of technology (social media, blogs & text messaging) face-to-face conversations play a significant role in choosing a vehicle. A team member who is a Millennial will connect easier with other Millennials and can easily spread the word about new vehicle features and special incentives within their network to increase your traffic and unit sales.

4. They Are Quick To Adapt to Change
As Millennials are familiar with the ever-changing technological and marketing trends, they do not hesitate to adapt to them or get fully immersed in them. In fact, they are often the first ones to implement any change in an automotive or dealership’s current business models for making the best out of technology and research. Your Millennial consumers sleep with their smartphones and check them almost 43 times a day. That’s why hiring a force that is constantly updated with the same trends as your users will help you design digital marketing campaigns for a more targeted audience.

5. They Love What They Do
Millennials are attracted to meaningful work. Since they have seen technology evolve, they long to connect to the human touch that was once present before the touch screen. They are eager to work for a business where they can prove their mettle and be accepted for their talents. Millennials will not only happily go the extra mile to expand your digital marketing attempts but also to connect with your consumers with more passion.

A Good Business Move
As the automotive business is adopting a more digital approach toward advertising, it is imperative to have individuals on your team who are able to successfully target like-minded audiences. Manufacturers, marketers and dealerships need to plan for this important generation of car buyers by investing in a team that relates to their appeal.

For more information about millennial car buying trends, please take a look at our Millennial eBook 

Sean Marra
Sean Marra
CEO of ePush! With over 20 years of experience in automotive, Sean’s fearless approach and instincts put him at the forefront of the industry when it comes to Digital Marketing.

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