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3 Key Areas of Focus to Have Long-Term Success With Automotive Email Marketing

You initiate your campaign to target a specific segment in your market. Then what? You might be missing out on 3 key areas of focus to have long-term success with automotive email marketing. Here are important strategies many dealers do not utilize, but should, to increase their ROI:

1. Conquest Targeting

Conquest targeting is a double edge sword if not executed properly. Many times dealers will try to save budget by marketing to a general list of prospects in their PMA. Unfortunately, these lists tend to be outdated and generalized, which leads to expensive, wasted messaging to the wrong prospects.

Ideally, conquest targeting uses a combination of current email data, programmatic, and behavioral driven targeting, in real-time. Together, they deliver transaction shoppers via perfectly timed, simple yet powerful personalized and variable messages that maximize your marketing efforts.

This allows you to engage more engaged consumers and improve your acquisition in your PMA. Within this strategy you should always suppress your current sales and service customers from the targeted list so you know the targeted segment has never purchased or serviced at your dealership before.

With this foundation in place you are targeting your competition’s customers and acquiring new sales and service customers for your dealership.

2. Targeting Unsold Prospects in Your CRM

If you’re like most dealers, you have thousands of unsold / dead / lost / missed opportunities in your CRM. According to the NADA…”The average dealership today missed or lost an astounding 88% of the opportunities generated from internet leads”. These aren’t just people that couldn’t get financed. There are many prospects for whom the timing wasn’t right to purchase. Once your drip cycle completes for these prospects, they are forgotten.

Over time these prospects’ data and circumstances change. It’s crucial to reanimate this list by updating their information through a hygiene and append process. This allows you to update their postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and also find other prospects in their household who are entering the market..Now you can target these prospects with new OEM offers and incentives, and turn what was a dead-loss & cost of non-performing assets into profitable, reanimated new customers.

3. Use An Omni-Channel Strategy

In today’s market, various segments of prospects are best reached using a multi-channel or better still, an omni-channel strategy for each campaign. For example, if you are a near-luxury or highline dealer like Buick or Cadillac, your brand might appeal to not only a younger prospect but an older demographic too. If you put all your efforts into email marketing you could be missing the older demographic that still opens all their direct mail but rarely views offers on mobile or email. Likewise younger consumers might ignore direct mail but always open email or search the internet for value comparisons.

Using an Omni-Channel strategy within your campaign with Email, Programmatic Targeting & retargeting (banner ads), Direct Mail, and Live Outbound Calls increases the likelihood of your messaging being seen and resonating with your prospects.

Need some guidance on your upcoming campaign? ePush! can help you reach your in-market shoppers and set your dealership up to have continued success with automotive email marketing using our Behavioral Marketing Platform™. 

Eric Thornsbrough
Eric Thornsbrough
As the Marketing Director for ePush! Eric Thornsbrough oversees business developement, strategic marketing and consults with dealer agencies who want to leverage complex data and new technologies.

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