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12 Areas of Focus to Improve Your BDC Process

On average, dealership’s are spending between $300 and $522 per vehicle to get calls, leads and showroom visits. It’s proven that a more effective process with those calls, Internet leads and unsold showroom follow ups will increase your bottom line.

This is where a fully functional, fully staffed, fully trained BDC comes in play to maximize leads and calls, turning them into greater showroom traffic and to increase your market share and profit.

While many dealerships are good at a few of the processes below, the key to success with your BDC is to have an execution plan in place with proven processes, communication templates, and scripts to drive more traffic, boost appointments, increase customer engagement, increase service RO’s and more.

When you have a proven execution plan in place that your staff follows, you’ll see improved results from your BDC like never before! There are specific processes for your BDC that you should focus on that yield the quickest and best results...

12 Areas of Focus to Improve Your BDC Process

1. Inbound Sales Call Process - Inbound calls are the hottest prospects you have and when your team answers the call using my unique scripts and booking process you will see an immediate traffic increase from these leads.

2. Outbound Call Process - An outbound call to a prospect following up on an inquiry should be handled with kid gloves. There is a fine line between collecting the proper information, creating rapport and urgency I set up your process so your outbound calls naturally follow this process.

3. Appointment Confirmations - Appointment confirmations are a must and using my proven follow up templates and scripts increases your show rate on average to 65% or higher.

4. No Show Appointments - Many prospects no-show for a variety of reasons. I discovered a unique way to re-book these people with urgency to reinforce their desire for the vehicle they inquired about.

5. Unsold Showroom Traffic - Unsold traffic does not mean the prospect will not purchase. In fact, it usually means they just didn’t have the proper info to make an informed decision. I’ll show your team how to communicate with your unsold prospects to create a better rapport and uncover hidden objections so you can recoup many lost opportunities that typically would otherwise be left on the table.

6. After Delivery Follow-Up - A vehicle purchase is a big decision and keeping your relationship strong with the customer is the key to referrals and future purchases. My 3-step after delivery process will build that relationship so you can keep that customer happy and thinking about you for all their sales and service needs.

7. Lease Maturation - Lease Maturation calls are a very effective area of opportunity that you can easily generate through most CRMs if you do not already have an equity mining program. Dealerships nationwide are capitalizing on having a dedicated BDC specialist specifically focused on working the dealership’s lease portfolio to maximize repeat customer deals. I can provide the critical call guides and word tracks essential to really driving this area of opportunity to its full potential.

8. Finance Maturation - Finance Maturation like Lease Maturation offers a unique opportunity to maximize sales through your CRM and BDC. Specific scripts and techniques I teach offer your team the ability to capitalize on your customers who are moving into the Finance Maturation cycle.

9. Equity Mining - Equity Mining offers both your dealership and the customer the ability to move into a new or used vehicle. Many times, prospects do not understand how much equity they have available in their vehicle or how they can capitalize on a trade with an increased buyback offer. Using BDC Builder’s Equity Mining strategy, you will increase your traffic and sales with customers in an equity position.

10. Closed Service RO - Your best repeat advertising referral customers are already within your grasp and existing in your current service drive! This is why it is so important to stay in communication with your customers after the sale. They will be your best repeat customers for life.

11. Pre-owned Vehicle Acquisition - One of the biggest areas of growth in your dealership’s sales division are pre-owned vehicle sales. Following the best methods in tracking market trends with pre-owned vehicles, keeping your pre-owned inventory constantly well stocked and turning quickly (within 30 days per car) is vital to this branch of sales performance. Sometimes this can prove very difficult or challenging when the supply and availability of all the most popular vehicles just isn’t there at the auctions.

Utilizing my proven systematic process of BDC and sales employees reaching out to customers in your dealership’s existing database to invite them in for a generous and accurate appraisal on their current vehicle creates urgency and the perfect opportunity to get them in the door. My process targets new sales opportunities to feed your constantly turning pre-owned inventory with these customer’s trades, the cost of which your dealership has already serviced and quite often at cheaper costs.

Traffic. Conversion. Engagement.. Which do you want to boost today?

Just like a forensic accountant, BDC builder will assess your process showing you areas of improvement you can take action on immediately.

Automotive BDC guru Sara Shabana is here to help! For the last decade, Sara has helped improve top dealerships’ BDC performance by building a solid internal structure in development, training, coaching and mentoring the RIGHT people on how to sell the highest number of products and services while gauging client satisfaction.

For a limited time you are able to register for a one-on-one call where Sara will analyze your BDC practices and share with you several ways to gain an unfair advantage over your competition.

Book your free consultation here>> 

Sara Shabana
Sara Shabana
A true professional does not believe in trends, but rather results as defined by unit sales! And so it is with Sara Shabana, CEO of BDC Builder. She exemplifies a benchmark of professionalism in both Business Development Centers as well as Digital Advertising.

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